Around 2007 the brewpub and microbrew idea really caught fire as brewers came up with more and more interesting drinks and the public finally developed a taste beyond the American Pilsner.  There were nearly 3500 brewpubs in the US in 2014 and 2000 micros, and that curve is one of exponential growth.  All of this means there are more choices now than there ever have been in the past and everyone wins.  Can this growth continue forever?  Of course not, and there will be casualties.   Some of the casualties will be simply undercapitalized latecomers and as competition heats up, those who make inferior beer will not be able to survive.  In New Orleans, one of America’s premiere food cities, competition is so severe that even street vendors had better have great food or they won’t be in business long.  This guarantees great food for the consumer, but makes making a living in the food industry tough.  We’ll see the same sort of environment in beer, though for now it still seems that there’s enough business for everyone.

Cheers, and always drink responsibly!